Do you need qualifications to be a celebrant and how do I become one?

You do not need formal qualifications to become a celebrant though training will undoubtedly help your career prospects.

There are different courses you can do with private training providers like the UK Society of Celebrants. Courses vary in length, cost and entry requirements. You can complete courses in Funeral Celebrancy, Family (Wedding) Celebrancy or they can be completed on a combined course. Courses can be via distance learning (utilising Zoom or Skype) which is the most popular method taking 4-14 weeks or you can attend a residential course or Fast Track Online Course for 3-5 days depending on your course choice.


What are the entry requirements for training to be a celebrant?

It helps if you are undaunted about speaking in public. Ideally, you should be a good listener, have good computer literacy skills; good research skills; competent writing skills; a willingness to use social media as well as the willingness to learn. An ability to put your client first – it’s all about them and not you.


How long does it take to become a celebrant?

You are allowed 3-6 months to complete your online celebrant training and be fully qualified depending on your course choice.

Our residential and Fast Track courses take 3-5 days to be fully qualified depending on your course choice.


Residential Course v Online Course

Our residential courses are very intense. Students are expected to participate in the daily classroom sessions and complete at least 6 hours homework on case studies each evening. The class sizes are a maximum of 3 plus the tutor. These courses are not for everyone but market forces dictate the need to offer them.

Our online courses are said to be the most thorough and complete grounding in celebrancy currently available in the UK. Our members often feel they are ready for the job in hand often before completing the course itself. Don’t take our word for it – Ask our members yourself.


How do you become a funeral celebrant?

Those who want to become good funeral celebrants should enrol in a celebrancy training course. Most funeral directors will only recommend a celebrant who has the proper training, and for good reason.


What is a funeral celebrant ?

A funeral celebrant is a qualified person, usually from a non-clergy background, who officiates funeral ceremonies. Funeral celebrants typically help organise and conduct funerals, supporting the bereaved family every step of the way with the aim of celebrating the life of the person who has died.


How much do celebrants get paid UK?

In the UK, celebrants affiliated with the UK Society of Celebrants earn an average of £200 for officiating at funerals; £650 for weddings; and £350+ for naming ceremonies.


What makes a good wedding celebrant?

A great celebrant affords you the luxury of being able to relax and enjoy your ceremony – which makes your guests have a good time too. A great wedding celebrant is a storyteller. They are fun and engaging. Their confidence shows in their face, gestures and body language.


How much does celebrant training cost?

See our latest training options here.

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