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My name is Alex Leckenby and I live in Harrogate with my wife Mary. I have been fortunate to live all my life in the beautiful county of North Yorkshire. I started my career in computer operations with a major confectionary manufacturer in York and since that I time I have progressed through a number of customer service roles and finally into risk and compliance in the finance sector where I have been for a number of years. Although the roles that I have performed during my career have changed, my passion has always been working with people; getting to know them, to understand them and to provide them with the best level of customer service that I can achieve. My recent job roles have given me the opportunity to work with people on a one to one basis and to organise and present many industry seminars and workshops.

I first became aware of the role of the Funeral Celebrant in 2016 following the death of my youngest brother. The support that our family received from the Celebrant who performed the funeral ceremony and the individuality of the ceremony that he created inspired me and I decided that given the opportunity I wanted to pursue that vocation. Two years later I was presented with that opportunity and immediately embarked upon a training programme with the UK Society of Celebrants to become a Family and Funeral Celebrant.

In a society that is becoming increasingly impersonal and where people are becoming increasingly isolated, I believe that it is vital to reconnect with people and to celebrate the individual. As a Family and Funeral Celebrant I consider it an honour and a privilege that you would trust me to participate in such an important event in your life. I will work with you and spend as much time as necessary to support you through the process and ensure that we create a memorable ceremony.


As a Family and Funeral Celebrant I create a number of different ceremonies including Wedding Ceremonies, Civil Partnership Ceremonies, Commitment Ceremonies, Naming Ceremonies, Renewal of Vows Ceremonies and Funeral Ceremonies. Whatever the occasion, I will work with you to create a memorable, bespoke celebration that reflects your individuality or, in the event of a Funeral Ceremony, the individuality of the deceased. If you would prefer to deliver your own ceremony, I am also happy to work with you to create a script for a ceremony which you can then deliver.

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