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My name is Alison Goossens and I am a practicing funeral celebrant in Lancashire. Having spent the last fourteen years working in a completely different industry and feeling increasingly disenchanted, I came to the conclusion that I needed to consider a more fulfilling career.


At the age of 60 I have, like most people had many different life experiences – both happy and immensely sad.


Since losing my father 25 years ago (when he was 68) I was prompted to get involved in charity work. This lead to me volunteering in a local cancer support day care centre where I would meet and greet visitors and take phone enquiries. The role involved supporting both the sick and their families, friends and carers. I found this tremendously fulfilling and discovered that I could speak to cancer patients and their families with ease.

This then lead me to applying to work at our local Hospice as a volunteer receptionist. I had the privilege of meeting patients, their family members and friends and sharing many memorable and poignant moments with them. I found I could speak to people with ease and hopefully could bring comfort at the most difficult of times.

With a significant birthday in 2021 I felt it was the right time to have a complete change of career and embark on something which would fulfil me, but at the same time provide comfort for others.

I enjoy interacting with people, I consider I have excellent communication and listening skills and a good command of English language and writing skills.

My many varied life experiences have moulded me into what I am today and I feel well equipped to take on the role of funeral celebrancy.

I was inspired to become a celebrant after attending several funerals which I felt did not really do justice to the deceased. My thoughts are that all too often we hear the same things said at funerals. I felt that with the life skills that I have and my experience in working with terminally ill patients and their families and carers, I could potentially make a difference by becoming a funeral celebrant.

My aim is to create bespoke, memorable funeral ceremonies no matter what the circumstances are. I will spend as much time as necessary with family members of the bereaved to ensure the essence of the deceased is truly captured on the day of the ceremony. I would describe myself as caring, empathetic, kind, thoughtful and understanding. I enjoy putting words on paper and have the appropriate skills to be able to gather all the information about the deceased required to write and deliver the most appropriate, sensitive and empathetic eulogies. My wish is bring comfort to those who need it, when at their lowest ebb and ensure that their final farewells to their loved ones provide deep comfort and sensitivity.




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alison goosens funeral celebrant



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