How to become a Celebrant.

Are you interested in becoming a celebrant? Celebrancy is an appealing job for many people of all ages and from all walks of life. Many people are drawn to celebrancy after experiencing a wedding or funeral ceremony led by a celebrant. The simple answer to how to become a celebrant is by completing a training Read more…

Wedding Traditions around the World | Part 4 of 4

There are many fascinating wedding traditions around the world, from the jumping of the broom to wearing something old, new, borrowed, and blue, British wedding customs are still so popular today that even the most non-traditional couples happily take part.

Wedding Ceremony Elements | The Wedding Ring Courier

Wedding Celebrants are gaining somewhat of a reputation for introducing “special elements” to their clients wedding ceremonies. One such element, gaining in popularity, is using “birds of prey” to be the ring bearers. Sounds fantastic, does it not? Maybe – but beware – you must choose your falconers / handlers / service providers with care. Read more…

Karene Job | Wedding Celebrant

Hi, I’m Karene, a Family and Wedding Celebrant in the North West. Together, we can create a ceremony as individual as you.

Ian Tucker-Bell | Wedding and Funeral Celebrant

Hi, I’m Ian – a Family, Wedding, and Funeral Celebrant in the North West of kent, and I put you at the heart of the beautiful and individual ceremonies I create.