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Funeral Celebrant in the North West

Hello! I'm Ellie from Legacy of Life Funeral Celebrants, your funeral Celebrant in the North West of England.

I live in the beautiful countryside on the outskirts of Wigan. I spent many years working in either the legal or charity sector. My passion is writing and I have written a couple of books. I sometimes write articles for various publications and I love to be involved in anything to do with writing, whether encouraging others at Authors Breakfast events, going to a book signing, or writing a ceremony for a bereaved family.

Five years ago I had a life-changing road accident and I have spent a long time recovering. I had many injuries and it really made me take stock of my life. Because I was already a keynote speaker, and as I mentioned, a writer, I wanted to make sure that when I returned to work I would be doing something that could utilise these two passions. Actually, not just because of my passions, but a way for me to possibly make an impact in another's world, for the better.

Call it what you will, a Godwink or serendipity, but one day I was having a conversation with somebody and they said they thought I would be a great funeral celebrant. It hadn't ever crossed my mind and the strange thing is, I now wonder all the time, "Why hadn't it ever crossed my mind before?"

I feel I was born to be a funeral celebrant. I am never more content than when I am helping a grieving family or person through a couple of the worst weeks of their lives. I trained as a Samaritan years ago and I find that being a good listener is a quality that really helps the bereaved. And being able to tell the story of somebody's whole life in a way that makes the bereaved feel settled and as though they have done their loved one justice is imperative.

My business is called Legacy of Life Funeral Celebrants. I originally started it with a friend who then decided to retire so it's just me! I cover the Wigan, St Helens, Chorley, Leyland and Bolton areas. Being on the Greater Manchester and Lancashire border means I will travel further if necessary as I feel I am a native of both counties!

As a writer and speaker, I love to use my communication skills in these areas within my work, both in producing meaningful and unique eulogies and delivery of the ceremony.
I am an ordained minister (I co-pastor a church too!) and can produce Christian or humanist and non-religious ceremonies, tailoring any ceremony to the exact needs of the bereaved.
I officiate ceremonies such as cremations, natural burials, traditional burials, and internment and scattering of ashes.
It's so important for people to know they can contact me with any questions at all. There are no strange questions and queries are never unimportant. This is a time in somebody's life that they may never have dealt with before and I want anybody to know that I am here to do everything I can to make the ceremony planning a less stressful process.


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