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Funeral Celebrant in West Yorkshire

I am a passionate Yorkshireman born and bred in the county, married to Karen for 26 years. My work has seen me involved in a variety of major UK and Overseas events covering Royalty, Business, Culture, Arts, Sport and Music over the last 4 decades. Attention to detail and successfully delivering clients requirements has been pivotal to my career to provide them with service beyond their expectations.

Due to some of the roles I have held over the years I have attended a considerable number of funerals mainly in the Kirklees locality. I recently went to a couple of ceremonies led by funeral celebrants and was particularly impressed by Paul Simpson who delivered an excellent send off for that particular gentleman. I felt I had the skills to become a qualified funeral celebrant and contacted Paul who put me in touch with the UK Society of Celebrants. I was fortunate to be tutored by the Society’s Principal, James Convery during the Covid 19 lockdown, who impressed on me the need to create a ceremony centred on the deceased.

In terms of my celebrant role I promise to provide clients with the best possible service. From organising the initial meeting, ideally face to face with as many members of the family as possible, through to writing and delivering the ceremony at the Crematorium or Burial Ground. Throughout the period of engagement up to and including the ceremony, I aim to be as contactable as possible to ensure every detail is included. If a client requires a full draft of the ceremony this can be included in advance for approval prior to delivery. Organising a funeral can be a particularly stressful time for the bereaved and a step by step approach, leaving nothing to chance, can provide comfort. Specific areas where advice can be given include:-

  • Liaison with your chosen Funeral Director to ensure everything runs smoothly
  • Advice on the music to accompany the ceremony both on arrival, reflection and departure
  • Any religious symbols or prayers
  • Creating a fitting tribute for the deceased incorporating family, friends and special interests
  • Suggestions

My business career has also seen me interact with individuals on a regular basis both on the phone and in person on events. This benefit of meeting people from all walks of life has cultivated an easy manner with the ability to get to know everyone quickly and engender trust from the outset. In addition to having a cheerful and relaxed persona I am also able to draw on experience of public speaking in front of large numbers of clients, often off the cuff.

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