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I am Susan Elms, The Life Celebrant (TLC)

I have been closely involved with people for my entire adult life. I have taught both privately and publicly, one-to-one and group sessions to all age groups and have witnessed first-hand the effects of joy and tragedy. I decided to become a Celebrant after seeing how much comfort a good Celebrant was able to bring to the family of a close friend who had passed on. I believe that I too am able to deliver the same level of ceremony to my clients.

Throughout my teaching career, I have given guidance to people of all ages through life changing events. I have witnessed the joy of friends welcoming a new child into the world and have been through the agony of losing close family.

I have cooed at baby naming ceremonies, beamed happily at wedding ceremonies and sobbed my heart out at the funerals of family and friends. My life experiences have given me the aptitude to easily empathise with people undergoing change, making me truly passionate about creating a memorable event for you, for all the right reasons. I will work with you and your family to ensure that your ceremony is as personal as it can be.

As The Life Celebrant, I can empathise with you as I understand the whole range of emotions that an individual goes through during such significant life events as baby naming ceremonies, weddings and funerals.  Every single day you make choices that will improve your life; I am here to support you through those choices. Together we can meet those challenges, together we can face those times that bring us joy and sadness, and together we can add TLC to your life celebrations.
I have extensive experience of helping people through both the tears and joy of life and have built a library of compassionate, personal work that can help you with ideas for your non-religious ceremonies. I believe in a personal ceremony; working closely with your family to provide you with a ceremony to remember.

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