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Funeral Celebrant in the North West

Hello, my name is Jess and I am your Funeral Celebrant in Runcorn and surrounding areas. I'm quite familiar with most areas around the North West and I love meeting new people, and learning about their families and the life they have led. Being a great listener, I find a reassuring comfort in sharing my life experiences with people who have been through similar situations to myself.

Family holds a special place in my heart, and I relish spending quality time with my younger brother and sister. Blessed with a supportive family that values togetherness, I treasure the moments we share and actively seek enjoyable activities to partake in as a family unit.

Exploring both the UK and abroad is something I try to do as often as possible - discovering new cultures, trying different cuisines, and creating unforgettable memories. Although, on the contrary, sometimes, there's no place quite like home.

Apart from family, I find joy in catching up with friends over coffee or a stroll in the woods, depending on the season. It is always therapeutic taking in surroundings, sharing stories and laughing together over the small things. These moments of connection and warmth are what make life meaningful, and I seek to bring that same sense of comfort and companionship to families during the difficult time of planning a funeral.

Before becoming a Celebrant, I worked for a pharmaceutical company delivering training. I developed a deep passion for helping and guiding people, the love of stories and the need for continuous creativity. I learnt the importance of being present and attentive, being able to adapt alongside the use of all senses to gather information.

I didn't really know much about celebrancy until my close friend passed away. That's when I felt like I found my calling – a way to use my skills and satisfy my desire to really understand and honour our loved ones who've passed. I saw how much comfort a good celebrant could bring.

A funeral Ceremony should be unique and individual to your loved one. My goal would be to deliver your loved ones Ceremony, tailored to their beliefs and wishes. Working closely with you, together we will create the exact Ceremony that you are hoping for. With my own personal knowledge of organising a funeral, I know first-hand the pressure and difficulty it brings at an already deeply painful time. I would love to be that person who comes along with a caring, helping hand. Someone who can bring comfort, reassurance and guidance to you and your family.

To make that happen, I bring curiosity and openness to my work as a Funeral Celebrant. Always on the lookout for the qualities, achievements, and adventures that shaped the person's life, I create ceremonies that truly reflect their unique identity. When we meet, I'll gather all the details from the family and work together to choose readings and other elements that'll make for a meaningful and memorable tribute.

Even though I'm not religious myself, feel free to include religious stuff or whatever suits your wishes and beliefs. I will share your stories and memories and offer words of comfort. Extending my support to anyone entrusted with readings or tributes. I will provide you with a copy of the script for you to treasure.

I'll share your stories and memories, offer words of comfort, and support anyone doing readings or tributes. You'll get a copy of the script to keep as a memento.


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