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jess bird wedding celebrant profile


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Wedding Celebrant in Greater London

Hi I’m Jess and I’m your Family, Wedding Celebrant in Greater London .

I chose ‘Sunflower Ceremonies’ for the name because I am Leo, the zodiac sign ruled by the Sun - and I believe that wedding and naming ceremonies are days that should radiate light.

I grew up in London and have always been fascinated by the stories behind the biggest days of people’s lives; the first kisses, favourite places, the births and the blossoming of families. What I’ve learnt from meeting lots of different kinds of people is that no one’s stories are ever ordinary. In fact, most people’s stories are more extraordinary and moving than the ones we see on TV or in books.

I began my career in advertising, telling stories about products, until this hunger for storytelling spilled over into fiction writing. I now split my time between advertising and creative writing, which allows me to retain the rigour of writing to a client’s brief, as well as the freedom to explore my imagination more fully.

I love walking in Sydenham woods near my house, cold water swimming in the local lido and soaking up what little sun we get in the UK. I have a keen interest in ancient knowledge systems such as chakras and astrology and have a personal spiritual and meditation practice that keeps me grounded in such a hectic city.

I would be delighted to bring spiritual or esoteric elements into your bespoke ceremony if they align with your beliefs and preferences, but want to be led totally by you in the kind of ceremony you would like.

There are no right or wrong answers when it comes to creating the perfect ceremony - only what feels right to you. I also specialise in queer/same-sex ceremonies, being part of the LGTBQ+ community myself.

Wedding ceremonies, vow renewals and naming ceremonies are some of the most precious, wonderful days of people’s lives. But the construction of the ceremony can feel like an overwhelming prospect. There is pressure to find the right words to express exactly what the day, and the people involved, mean to you. Pressure to create a seamless ceremony incorporating important stories and songs, and to nail all the details and timings.

To allow you to fully enjoy such an uplifting day, it’s my job to construct and deliver a ceremony that weaves together a story that includes all the personal touches, rituals and people that mean the most to you. In short - it’s my job to lead this element of your celebration so that you can simply be present and enjoy yourselves, safe in the knowledge that you have been put at the heart of every element. I will conduct thorough interviews and be on hand to discuss all elements of your ceremony as we go on the journey of shaping your ceremony together.

I deliver weddings, vow renewals, naming ceremonies and any kind of bespoke ceremony that marks a moment of celebration or transition. If you think that I would be a good fit for the kind of celebration you’re planning, please get in touch below.




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