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Hi, my name is Penny Braidley  and I am a Funeral  Celebrant. 

My background is very much in the corporate world and I had a very successful career as an Executive PA up til 9 years ago and having my first child.  Since being a Mum of two children including one with significant Learning Disability,  I have ran a successful online business and also have trained as a Television Presenter.  I soon discovered that this Television Training was a step nearer to becoming a Funeral Celebrant.

I decided to train a Funeral Celebrant after my Parents asked me to officiate my Uncles Funeral Service. My Uncle had expressed a desire before be passed to have a completely non-religious funeral.  I duly complied with their wishes and I wrote the service and delivered it on the day of the Funeral  at the Crematorium.  I was overwhelmed with the congratulations I received afterwards and the Funeral Director asked to talk to me too.  He too congratulated me on a job well done and said that I should consider going taking up being a Funeral Celebrant as a profession.  I had a good long think about the comments I received and having always been passionate about death and end of life I decided to qualify as a Funeral Celebrant. So thank you Uncle Bob for my new career!

My family to this day  are still talking about my Uncle's Funeral that I was asked to officiate and they can still remember my words too.  It's so important to be able to get the right Ceremony when you lose a loved one as I understand this to be all part of the grieving process.  Therefore, it's crucial to get the right  words,  readings and music into the Ceremony to make a difference to your farewell.

My aim is to bring my organisational skills and my presenting skills together with all your requirements for the Ceremony of your loved one  to bring you a truly bespoke service.