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For many years I worked, firstly as a Consultant Surgeon in the NHS and later in a joint University/NHS post, caring for people with cancers of the face and jaw and their families. Talking with them as they looked to bring their illness and their day to day lives into perspective was an important aspect of my role and I based my own doctoral research on listening to and learning from patients and carers.

Since retirement from clinical work in 2009, I have continued engagement with people in healthcare in a range of settings.

I love trekking and have enjoyed the chance to visit some of the most beautiful and remote places in our world. The spiritual peace and calm is important to me and it is this love of creation that I bring to my Celebrant role.

My greatest blessing is to be mother to my two sons, grown now but ever the source of much joy and love.

Over the years I have enjoyed many family celebrations, playing an active part in preparing materials, from bible readings and hymns to poetry and most recently, choice of vows, readings and prayers for my son's wedding blessing in December 2017.

I hold a personal Christian faith but know the importance of making sure everyone is comfortable, where families may come from different faith or culture backgrounds, and where some guests may be religious but others hold their own personal beliefs or no spiritual/faith commitment.

I have supported friends, as god-parent or child sponsor at baptism ceremonies and wish to work with families to ensure the place of close friends and family is recognised during the naming as they wish.

My first loss of a loved one was early in life and my work over many years has brought me into close contact with those coming to the end of life. I have helped family and friends plan funeral services to reflect the person they have loved.

What can I do for you?

I will listen to their wishes and learn how to make sure that these are reflected in the ceremony, be it greeting and naming a new family member, joining together in love or saying goodbye to a close family member or friend.

My training as a Celebrant and life-experience of listening with empathy and care will help in holding a careful and complete conversation which will form a template for planning. This will then be shared and used to fill in the details so that everyone is clear that wishes will be respected and the best possible time together with their loved ones will be possible.

I will ensure I know about matters of presentation, from personal items for display or sharing, to my own dress code so that I can play my part in the way they wish. It is their occasion, with my support as Celebrant, and something to hold dear in their memories.

Why choose me?

I bring life experience of working with people at important moments in their lives, exploring with them what matters most and placing those things at the centre of whatever follows. This is core to making a family celebration or commemoration something to value and remember.

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