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There are some events in everyone’s life that are so special, so life-changing, that they need to be reflected by a ceremony that is as unique as you are, and that will remain forever in your hearts and minds. Pledging yourself to someone else is most definitely one of those life events – and for many people this uniqueness, this celebration of who you both are and your own special relationship, just can’t be found in the ‘one size fits all’ traditional ceremonies.
Recognising this, and being a complete romantic at heart, I decided to train as a celebrant in order to give people a far more personal way of expressing their love, their individuality and their commitment to each other in a way that held meaning for them, and to help to make sure they had their dream day that reflected their personalities and their specific desires.
My background is a very mixed one and includes working in the theatre and later as a presenter and broadcaster, however now my main work is spent working with dogs, although that work is largely in the media. I am a published author of several books and hundreds of articles, as well as giving seminars and workshops nationally and internationally on animal welfare, dog training and behaviour, and communication skills.
While that may seem like a strange route for a celebrant, these skills as a presenter, public speaker, creative and writer combine to enable me to ensure I can produce and deliver a ceremony that is as individual as you are. By choosing me as your celebrant, you can be confident that I will work with you to include any elements you require to make your day special – whether traditional, alternative or quirky. I will advise and guide you where needed, empower your choices, make sure the whole process is enjoyable and fun, and will never lose sight of how important your day is, or fail to feel privileged to be a part of it. If you want to talk about how I can help make your day unforgettable, email me for more details.


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