How to become a Celebrant.

become a celebrant

Are you interested in becoming a celebrant? Celebrancy is an appealing job for many people of all ages and from all walks of life. Many people are drawn to celebrancy after experiencing a wedding or funeral ceremony led by a celebrant. The simple answer to how to become a celebrant is by completing a training course in family, wedding or funeral celebrancy.

Why celebrant training is important

The majority of people who become celebrants do so via relevant training courses. There are people operating as celebrants who haven’t had any specific training, but training is essential considering the nature of the role and what is expected to undertaken and fulfiled.

Working with bereaved families and couples planning the most important ceremony of their lives to date involves much more than asking questions. Training prepares and equips candidate celebrants with the required tools and skills to do much more than ask questions. Training helps candidate create and lead memorable and unique ceremonies. It also prepares for many scenarios celebrants face including procedure, business planning and some marketing.

Celebrant training with the United Kingdom Society of Celebrants not only gives knowledge on how to become a celebrant, we give you continued support in your role. This is very important to our members.

Good people skills

Celebrancy requires many attributes and one of the most important attributes all candidates must possess is good people skills. Speaking to couples about their ceremony requirements, or to a bereaved family to gain information on the life of their loved one involves gaining their trust and confidence.  Listening, communicating, having knowledge on subject matter, being empathetic and compassionate are key skills.

More than just public speaking

Can you speak in public? Being confident and able to speak in public is another of the many requirements of celebrancy. Experience of public speaking is preferred but celebrants are much more than public speakers, we are story tellers, creators of ceremonies and memories.

Are qualifications required to enrol for celebrant training?

No, qualifications are not required to enrol for training. What is required as well as the attributes mentioned above is a computer, the ability to receive and send work online, a video calling app such as Skype, Facetime or Zoom and a dedicated and enthusiastic desire to learn.

Research, a starting point for celebrancy

Independent research is important for the construct of ceremonies.  Research starts from the moment interest is created in celebrancy; that is why you are reading this, through your online search of how to become a celebrant.

Family, wedding and funeral celebrant training

At the United Kingdom Society of Celebrants, we have various ways to train. The most popular way is via a distance learning course which takes place with a tutor via video calls from the comfort and current safety of your own home.

The courses we offer are Level 3/4 and are in depth covering all aspects of both funeral, wedding and family celebrancy.

Information on all available celebrant training courses and what each course involves is available here.