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Wedding and Funeral Celebrant in Monmouthshire

I’m Jane Grayer and I’m your Family, Wedding and Funeral Celebrant in Monmouthshire but frequently work across Wales and the many counties in England. I am a Civil Celebrant and I create and conduct unique ceremonies for all the major milestones of our lives:

Wedding / Commitment / Vow Renewals
Funerals / Celebrations of Life at Crematoriums, Natural Burial Grounds and alternative venues
Naming Ceremonies and Family Ceremonies for adopting families

Whatever ceremony you are looking for I will make sure that it is created around you, reflecting your unique story with words that have meaning for you and a style that is all yours. Whether you want formal or relaxed, traditional or alternative I can create your dream ceremony and help you to create memories which will last a lifetime. I start by looking for readings or poems which reflect you and your beliefs and feelings and then weave your story and the rituals you want through them so every word fits you.

I am more than happy to incorporate any theme or interests you may have, and to dress appropriately for your style of celebration. I have a Steampunk persona (Unity Ironbright) if you’re looking for a Steampunk Ceremony but am also comfortable with any other theme that works for you. I love the quirky and the alternative and am always up for a challenge!

I love researching different rituals and finding the right mix for your special day so whether you want a handfasting, to jump the broom, to use a Unity sand or candle ceremony, to incorporate a San San Kudo ceremony or to walk the labyrinth then I will build it into your day

I’ve had a varied career before finding my true vocation as a Celebrant and each job has taught me something which I can now use. My four years as a Registrar mean that I have a thorough understanding of what they can (and more importantly can’t) do and this fuels my desire to enable everyone to have a ceremony which is personal to them - not off the shelf. We are all individuals and unique – and we deserve to have this reflected in events to celebrate our lives.











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