How to Plan a Renewal of Vows Ceremony

With many people currently having small, legal weddings with a view to a bigger celebration in the future, one of the biggest questions these people might be asking is how they should plan a renewal of vows ceremony. From selecting the venue to deciding what’s going to be said in the ceremony, planning a renewal Read more…

When is the Best Time for a Naming Ceremony?

According to a 2018 survey, religiosity in the UK is on the decline, with 52% of the public now saying they do not belong to any religion, a rise from 31% in 1983. As a result, naming ceremonies are becoming a popular way to welcome a new child into the world, working as a replacement Read more…

How Much Does a Celebrant Earn?

Whether you’re a budding celebrant wanting to know if celebrancy is a viable career, a newly-trained celebrant wanting to know where your price point should be, or even just a client wondering how much your chosen celebrant could cost you, questions that might be going through your head might be: “How much does a celebrant Read more…

Why Micro-Weddings Could Be The Future

With all the chaos and madness going on at the moment thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, micro-weddings have almost been forced onto couples who would have otherwise had a big blowout party with a hundred or more guests. However, while this has not been a satisfactory outcome for some, others have enjoyed the intimacy of Read more…

Outdoor Weddings – What Do You Need to Consider? (Part 1 of 2)

With the news that people may able to have legal outdoor weddings in the not-so-distant future, the concept of an outdoor wedding is one which is starting to come to the forefront of couples’ minds when they start thinking about when, where, and how they want to get married. However, outdoor weddings are subject to Read more…

What Are The New Proposed Laws on Marriage?

Last week, the Law Commission released a paper proposing various changes to the current laws on marriage in England and Wales. The changes would loosen the current restrictions on where and how couples are allowed to tie the knot. The proposal will be under consultation until 3 December, with a report due to be published Read more…

Susan Elms | Wedding & Funeral Celebrant

I am Susan Elms, The Life Celebrant (TLC)

I have been closely involved with people for my entire adult life. I have taught both privately and publicly, one-to-one and group sessions to all age groups and have witnessed first-hand the effects of joy and tragedy.

Hilary Herring | Family & Funeral Celebrant

I was educated at Trowbridge Girls’ Grammar School (1967 – 1972) and Trowbridge College of Further Education (1972 – 1974) where I gained A levels in Social and Economic History, Sociology and English Language.

Mark Gregory | Family & Funeral Celebrant

Welcome, and firstly, thank you for taking the time to read my page. To help you get a better understanding of who I am and what sort of ceremonies I provide, I’ll attempt to answer your most burning questions right here, right now. If I missed one, my contact details are at the bottom. Just get in touch!

Lucy Hillier | Family & Funeral Celebrant


My name is Lucy. I look forward to meeting you in person!

I have always been interested in becoming a family and funeral celebrant. From a young age I have always been keen to work in the event planning industry.