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My name is Amelia Boulter, I have two daughters and live in Ashford Middlesex.

I was only 11 years old when I attended the funeral of my Nan but even then I remember thinking that there must be a more personal way of saying goodbye to a loved one. Two years ago it was my granddads turn and although the vicar who conducted his ceremony was a family friend, I still left there thinking that it could have been so much more suited to my granddad especially as he wasn’t religious at all!

This is why I decided to train to be a celebrant so that I can help families channel their feelings and memories of their loved one into the ceremony  and therefore assist them in saying goodbye in a way that really means something to them.

Weddings for most people are the biggest day of their lives. I believe that each wedding should be different from the others. Having a traditional church wedding can be to quite a lot of people “boring” and very repetitive. From talking to people and asking what sort of wedding they are attending or would like to have, quite often most groaned at the thought of attending a church wedding! I ask why and I get the role of eyes and the words “there all the same!”

That’s why I love the thought of people doing it differently especially when renewing their vows. If they have already done the church wedding or registry office, how lovely and memorable would it be for a couple to renew their vows in a special place to them e.g. in the middle of a forest or at the beach!
I love that ceremonies are becoming more and more personal.

Becoming a celebrant gives me the opportunity to take great pride in making that special day perfect and unique whether it is a funeral, wedding, naming ceremony etc. I will ensure that it is suited to the individual needs and personalities. So instead of my way –it’s your way.

Although I am only 27 years old I feel that this is in my favour as I have had no real experience of traditional services and therefore can bring something new and fresh to all ceremonies.  I have done jobs like hotel work, customer service etc. all of which have been customer focused and I always prided myself in being flexible so can combine old and new ways!


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