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For most of us, most of the time life hurries along. If not a huge rush then just living and surviving each week takes so much time and attention, until something BIG happens. Something momentous; an event that takes you out of your routine, significant, special, meaningful. These momentous events can be planned or expected, a wedding or a civil partnership, the birth of a baby; it could be realising that you and your partner have been together for 25 years; or something you didn’t plan but is deeply significant, such as the death of a loved one.
In the past such times have been marked with very specific ceremonies. For many of us the ceremonies of yester year don’t seem to fit any longer. If you want a ceremony that is uniquely yours, something uplifting and memorable that does ‘fit’, and that helps you make sense of your life event then I can help you. As a civil celebrant I can work with you to bring a fresh approach that makes your ceremony personal to you, allowing you the flexibility to include exactly what you want in your service or ceremony. Your input is the key to making it meaningful and personal.
I take time with you to get to know what you want and a bit about you so that I can to put together a ceremony chosen completely by and for you. I am based in West Berkshire UK, and well placed for events in Berkshire, Hampshire, Wiltshire and South Oxfordshire. If you are needing to arrange a loved one's funeral in this area but you live abroad, or you want to hold your wedding or naming ceremony or other ceremony surrounded by friends and family here I am able to work with you via email and Skype ( or similar).
A bit about me
I have been employed in health care for the last 30 years mainly in the UK and for a few years in the Far East. Since my teens I’ve had an interest in creating unique and culturally relevant ceremonies and special events. These have been in a voluntary capacity as a youth and pastoral worker. I have a special interest in the ceremonies of different cultures and value working with all kinds of people, whatever your background or your lifestyle choices, believing that difference enriches and brings value to our lives. Building relationships and compatibility are important to creating the perfect service or ceremony.
Professionally trained I am professionally trained by the UK Society of Civil Celebrants who are the second largest training organisation for celebrants in the UK. As well as 30 years pastoral experience in voluntary work and in my health care role with some voluntary bereavement care experience, I am an active member of Toast Masters International and have had 30 years’ experience of public speaking. Please contact me I’m always happy to have an initial no-cost, no-obligation telephone chat and I look forward to speaking with you soon.


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