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Hello, my name is Andrew Lovell. I have recently moved to the North East, after living full time in Ibiza since July 2010 and part -time in London.

Ibiza is where my celebrant work first began In 2012 I was asked to create and give a service for a couples wedding I agreed, and found I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience. 

The joy I felt was completely empowering, and it felt like something I was destined to do The whole celebrant experience snowballed from there, and I have created and given many ceremonies since . If I look familiar, it is probably because you recognise me from the band M People, where my stage name is "Shovell"  and I play percussion.

I am very happy to have been a member of M People since 1992, and the international success of the band and subsequent life experiences I learnt, have been an amazing positive part of my life. The discipline, creative skills and performance levels required to maintain a successful career as a professional musician, also stand me in very good stead in my celebrant work

I am  a fully qualified Cranio-Sacral Therapist, receiving my diploma in 2010. I have a huge interest in the field of Shamanism and I am also a student in Somatic Experience.

All in all, the drumming, the therapy work and my work as a celebrant, fundamentally require the same things To listen carefully to others, to feel the emotion that's being displayed and to then create and deliver a service in the best way  possible.

My own marriage, my Father's death and the wonderful experience of child birth within my family,  continue to  feed the empathy towards those requiring my celebrant services

It really is an honour and  a privilege each time I am  asked to be a celebrant, It is something I take very seriously.  Though humour can be  a great tonic when used in the right way, at the right time.

My view is that life and love are here to be celebrated, and this is the energy that I bring into the ceremonies, while always remembering to put your needs first.

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