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I became interested in being a funeral celebrant through attending many funerals of family members and friends; most of which were beautiful, thoughtful ceremonies.  I felt a strong urge to be able to support people in these sad occasions.  I also write tributary poetry and have been asked on many occasions to write a poem for a deceased relative; sometimes I would read them at the funeral and other times they would be read by a family member.  Becoming a funeral celebrant seemed to be the next step from this.

As a funeral celebrant, I offer a sincere, empathetic and compassionate service.  The ceremonies I conduct celebrate the life of the loved one, sharing memories of how they lived and how they touched others’ lives.   I will work alongside you to create a very special, dignfied funeral tribute for the person you have lost; a beautiful and poignant ceremony that will, I hope, be uplifting as well as sad.  Family and friends will shed tears but also smile at anecdotes and memories of their loved one.  Many may find out things about them that they never knew or had forgotten.  These memories and shared stories really can help us move forward with gratitude for the life lived.

The beauty of a celebrant funeral is that it is completely bespoke; it is not bound by religious doctrine so it can be tailored to your needs, your beliefs and your sense of what the loved person would have wanted: It can have elements of faith or none.  As every family is unique, so every funeral is unique to that person.

Please call or email me to make arrangements for me to meet with you at your convenience or simply to find out more about a celebrancy funeral.


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