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Hello my name is Arlene Robertson. I was born and raised in the Shetland Islands and primarily stayed there until the year 2000 when I made the move to Aberdeenshire. I had outgrown the Islands and indeed the harsh climate was a deciding factor in me moving further south to Aberdeenshire.

 I have a son aged 18 years, still at school and a daughter aged 24 years who has pursued a career in animal welfare.

 I embarked on a career as a registered nurse in 1983 and truly believed it was the right career choice. I remained in the caring profession for many years and developed personally and professionally. My experience consolidated my belief that we are all truly unique human beings with an array of needs and desires. I developed a deeper understanding of my fellow man and realised how fulfilling it was to care for, support, advise and mentor clients, colleagues, family and friends alike.

After 7 years of hands on nursing I commenced a career as a college lecturer specialising in health and care where I gained further people skills. I particularly enjoyed seeing the students develop and move onto their chosen careers. I offered support academically but also personally to the wide range of students in my charge.

 During this time in I commenced a distance learning degree course and qualified in 1996 with a Bachelor of Arts in Community Nursing (Occupational Health Specialism) which led me to pursue a career in this field for well over a decade. I found the role as Occupational Health Nurse incredible satisfying and relished the privilege of advising my clients in all aspects of their health. My role involves referring and sign posting clients in a direction that would benefit them physically and psychologically aiming to facilitate them staying or returning to work after a period of absence.  

Over the years I have developed a professionalism I am proud of but I am not too complacent to appreciate that “every day is a school day” and learning is lifelong.  I have endeavoured to learn for those around me seeking out those who shine so I can continue to develop a deeper understanding of the world and people around me.

My hobbies include, singing, playing piano/guitar and ceilidh dancing. I also enjoy the arts/poetry and place a great importance on keeping in touch with my family and good friend.

My philosophy on life is to endeavour to view the world through the others eyes as a starting point to any relationship. I try to nurture growth by being accepting and not assume any superiority and aim to demonstrate what Psychologist Carl Rogers (1956) decribes as “unconditional positive regard” to others. I have dealt with all ages, walks of life and social backgrounds and have been privileged to have been placed in a position to make a positive difference – great or small.


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