Anne Ritchie | Wedding & Funeral Celebrant

My name is Anne Ritchie, a Funeral and Family Celebrant with UKSOC.

All life is peppered with landmark moments; we are born, we live (perhaps we are welcomed, named, have special birthdays, marry, bring forth life, maybe divorce, re-marry, rededicate our commitment to partners, among many other things) and finally, we die.  And we remember.

Alice Bye | Family & Funeral Celebrant

Born and raised in Aberdeen, to Anglo-Indian and Anglo-Irish Parents, number 8 of a family of 10, with 3 brothers and 6 sisters. Growing up in a large family gave me the experience of finding my voice but also knowing the importance of listening to others. Now a mother of three, stepmother to one, knowing the importance of being able to express yourself freely was an important skill for my children to learn.

Arlene Robertson | Funeral Celebrant

  Celebrant Services Offered Ceremony Script Writing Funeral Ceremonies Memorials   Contact information 07786 457514 Hello my name is Arlene Robertson. I was born and raised in the Shetland Islands and primarily stayed there until the year 2000 when I made the move to Aberdeenshire. I had outgrown the Islands and indeed the harsh climate Read more…

Yvonne Noe | Family Celebrant

Celebrant Services Offered Ceremony Script Writing Naming Ceremonies Wedding Ceremonies Civil Partnership Ceremonies Renewal of Vows Ceremonies   Contact information 07732 199527 Hello, my name is Yvonne Noe. I was born and raised in Aberdeen, Scotland, where I currently reside. I am very fortunate to have been born a twin to my loving brother George. Read more…