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Funeral Celebrant in Shropshire

My name is Katherine Smith and I am your funeral celebrant in Shropshire.

I have been happily married for 36 years and have an adult daughter and son. We all love the county of Shropshire and have appreciated the beautiful scenery all around us. We all enjoy walking in the hills, visiting local attractions and escaping to the Welsh coast when we can.

Music has always been an interest for me and I enjoy singing in several choirs and playing the piano. Reading, sewing, knitting and crafting are also passions, and pottering in my greenhouse and garden gives me great pleasure.

Having been brought up in a Christian family and as an active church member, I am happy to include a religious element in your ceremony but, equally, I respect views and beliefs that differ from mine. It is entirely your choice whether your ceremony is religious, spiritual or non-religious.

For 35 years I was a primary school teacher and loved working with young people, nurturing and supporting them to achieve, and to feel positive and happy in themselves.
Being caring, empathetic, sensitive and kind were key qualities that allowed me to achieve this successfully.

Years of planning lessons and activities and a great love for language has given me the confidence to prepare tributes that are thoughtfully worded and accurately reflect the life of your loved one.

Delivering countless lessons and assemblies has given me the confidence to speak clearly and sincerely in public, another reason for my choosing to train in funeral celebrancy.

My role is to be there for you at this most difficult time, to listen to you and to help create a loving and personal ceremony that celebrates and respects your loved one.

I offer the services of funeral ceremonies in crematoria or burial grounds, memorial ceremonies or interments (scattering of ashes).

You and your family are at the heart of what I do. Facing a funeral ceremony can be daunting when you are coping with all that losing your loved one involves.

I will spend as much time as necessary with you, building a picture of your loved one’s life, their achievements, their interests, experiences and relationships. You may have anecdotes to share, likes and dislikes your loved one was known for, or family stories that might make people laugh.

I like to incorporate personal touches – your choices of readings, poems, prayers, songs and music – but can also make suggestions from a wealth of resources, if you wish.

Sometimes friends or family members may like to share their memories, recite poems or deliver readings and this always enhances a unique and meaningful ceremony.

How do you think your loved one would like to be remembered?
Any information you can share will help me in writing a tribute that reflects their character and evokes happy memories for the bereaved.

As you leave the ceremony, my hope is that, despite the sadness of saying farewell, the loved one’s family and friends have been reminded of the significance of that person’s life, the positive impact they had on others, and lasting memories that will help sustain them into the future.

A thoughtfully planned and delivered ceremony can bring comfort to the bereaved and can be a memorable, meaningful occasion. It can also be an important step in the process of grieving. Working together, we can make this happen.

Please feel free to contact me, with no obligation, to talk about your wishes for your loved one’s funeral.

Allowing me to walk alongside you at this very difficult time, to learn about your loved one’s life and to support you, your family and friends is a privilege for me.


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