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I'm a Mancunian lady with a down to earth and honest approach to everything in life. I was raised in a working class family, with my Mum and Dad, Beryl and Pat Walsh and my 4 older siblings. Mum was a Childminder and my Dad was the local Funeral Director.

I've been married to John for 14 years, together for 20 and we have two daughters, Ellie and Eve.

I'm a great lover of animals; having 2 dogs and 2 cats (I'd have a house full if I could). I'm at my happiest when spending time with my Husband and girls and my very large extended family and close friends.

I started my working career in clerical work for financial advisors in the city centre. It was after I had my first daughter that I began to question what I really wanted to do. I felt I wanted to help people and so, after 4 years of trying to get into the funeral industry, as job openings were so scarce back then, I was very fortunate to join my Dad.

My first role was as a Funeral Arranger and I was in my element as it was more fulfilling than I ever imagined. It wasn't long before I was asked to direct a funeral I had arranged and so I was promoted to Funeral Director. Later, my Dad was due to retire and I was asked to take over his role as Manager.

Over the years, as my role and responsibilities grew, it took me away from what I enjoyed the most and that was the one to one contact with the bereaved. Eventually, after 20 years, I felt I wanted to get back to what I do best, to help families when they are at the lowest and hardest point in their life. And so, I changed my career path and qualified as a Funeral Celebrant.

In my role as a Celebrant, I believe every life has a story, regardless of which path their life has taken. My sole aim is to share that story in a way that truly reflects the person and to give the family and friends a sense that they have honoured their loved one's memory.

With my experience I can support and guide you, build a relationship and together we can create a ceremony that fits all your needs and help you to write the final chapter of the story.



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