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Wedding and Funeral Celebrant in Merseyside

Hi I am Marianne, a Funeral and Family Celebrant living in Whiston and covering the North West and Lancashire but I am happy to travel wherever you need me for your celebration. Married to David with Milo a pampered 13 year old British short haired lilac tabby house cat and a 12 year old rather large marginated tortoise Shellers keeps me happy. Coming from a rather large extended family I have grown up with I have attended so many different types of ceremonies where I have loved, laughed and cried with happiness and sorrow. It was not until the passing of my beloved father Joseph known to us as ‘Pops’ that I truly knew what grief was. He was a joker and great story teller which is where I think I get my love of writing. The roller coaster of emotions is indescribable as only those who have truly felt loss will agree. From that moment on I realised that the majority of Funerals I attended were not about the deceased but about the church or something else totally unrelated. Which is a reason I am now a Funeral Celebrant so I can be the voice of the family and the deceased. My next meeting with true sorrow was only 2 years ago with the loss of my furbaby Patrick – a tiny Yorkshire terrier who brought so much love into my life for 16 years and as small as he was. He was big personality with lots of ‘hooman’ admirers and the whole of my family too.

I am so lucky to have been brought up in a warm fun loving family of amazing characters and some strong female role models who shared not only their work ethic but also their great sense of humour, common sense, thriftiness and of course intelligence…. dare I also mention their love of shoes and chocolate or is that too much?  They gave me the strength to not only set goals but also the support and advice of how to achieve them- which is why I feel I can help you achieve yours in your bespoke dream ceremony.

You will more often than not find me out and about as an active volunteer in many local community groups but sadly not physically active enough as I am also a single use treadmill owner-soon to be sold on ebay hahaha. In March 2021 I suffered a Subrachnoid Brain Hemorrhage and surviving it changed my whole outlook on life and I now live my life to the full. I was given so much love, care and support that I realised the job I was doing was not my true vocation and I made the decision to become a Celebrant following my recovery. The thought of helping others through their times of need drew me in and is the reason why you are reading about me here. I enjoy reading, writing and above researching modern and ancient ceremonies and rituals. These passions will enable me to create a ceremony solely around you, reflecting your visions with words that have meaning and leave lovely lasting memories for everyone attendance. As a celebrant we have no formal restrictions in terms of the content of a ceremony so we can include rituals. For instance a Wedding may use Hand fasting or a Funeral may use the release of eco friendly balloons and we can even create your own personal ‘ritual’ too. Having been a public speaker for over 20 years I love to engage with people whether is one to one or an audience of 1000 people. Nothing is impossible – just ask me.

Please note 10% of my fee is donated to Green Fingers Allotment Plot a non-profit community group of volunteers who helped support my recovery and of which I am now also a volunteer and helping others in gratitude.

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