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Funeral Celebrant in the East Riding of Yorkshire

Hello, my name is Richard, and I am your funeral celebrant in the East Riding of Yorkshire.

I have over sixty years of life experience. I am a father and have been a son, a husband and known the personal impact of bereavement; the sense of loss and loneliness. I am a qualified mental health counsellor. It is the greatest honour and privilege to assist others with life challenges and I chose to become a Funeral Celebrant as a further way of achieving this.

My home is in the village of North Ferriby, on the bank of the spectacular Humber Estuary, with its stunning scenery and rich wildlife; no two days offer the same naturally painted canvass. Even in rain and cold it is a glorious place for walks with my labradoodle, Teddy, and I find it a great source of inspiration when writing. I am deeply enthusiastic about beautiful language, both spoken and written. I love reading and crafting written pieces.

Born in Leeds, I have a deep affinity with Yorkshire although I have lived in London, and York and travelled widely in the United Kingdom, Europe and throughout the world. I adore experiencing different cultures and learning from different people. There is such a richness in the tapestry of world cultures; I have a particular interest in the serenity of Japan.

As a young man I trained as a Zoologist. My love of animals and the natural world still excites me today.

I enjoy all types of sport and am a keen football supporter. For many years I volunteered as a committee member for a local non-league football club, developing the women and girl’s game.
Cooking and entertaining around the kitchen table with good conversation and laughter is a great love. Any spare time is spent walking and being in contact with the natural world. Open water swimming gives me a sense of freedom. It is calming and regenerating.


What can I offer you?
I can offer my genuine, respectful, and non-judgemental curiosity about the life of your loved one. With this comes a responsibility to care for you with, respect, warmth, and patience.

As a scientist, I have a keen attention to detail and possess excellent presentation skills. I am observant, trustworthy, and work to the highest professional standard.

As a counsellor, I can connect quickly with people, and am attentive, open minded and resilient. I am a naturally compassionate person and will bring resourcefulness, imagination, and the willingness to work in partnership with you. I work with empathy and will seek to see things through your eyes. My aim is to create a bespoke ceremony which is woven with love and care; a fitting tribute to your loved one.

Everyone reacts differently to bereavement, but I have heard many speak of the pressure and emotion faced, causing a numbness or even paralysis in the mind. Aware of all that needs to be done but not being able to find the start point.

Although we may wish it to, life does not stop for bereavement. It is important that you have the care and support of someone you can trust to help carry the load and to work with you to find a route forward.

I will meet face to face with you, at your home or online, and liaise in the crafting of a unique ceremony. Your loved one is deserving of a positive and joyful celebration of their values and achievements.

I will work with a sensitivity and integrity which, while fully acknowledging the sadness of loss, grasps the opportunity to truly celebrate a life with full joy and gratitude. To find gratitude, even in the darkest moments, can be healing and liberating.

My thanks to you for reading this. My thoughts are very much with you at this time. I do hope we may be able to work together.


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