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helen adam wedding celebrant profile


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Wedding Celebrant in Kent

Hi I’m Helen Adam and I’m your Family, Wedding Celebrant in Kent with Daffodil Ceremonies.  I will put you and your family’s wishes at the heart of your special day.

I’ve recently trained as a family celebrant, and I’m thrilled to be focussing on the start of family relationships, having spent my working life navigating ‘endings’ to family relationships.

I am myself married, now for 33 years, and I have three adult sons.  I have lived my life as a Christian, now non-church-going, and have a deep belief in a loving God.

A long time ago, I started my career as a divorce lawyer, but I soon realised I needed to find a gentler way to work with clients through the difficult time of a separation.  I re-qualified to practice as a family mediator and have spent many years standing alongside couples through the hurly burly of a of separation, helping them keep their children’s interests first, and protecting them from spiralling conflict and stress.

My legal knowledge was useful, but secondary to the deeper needs of my clients to emerge with functioning family relationships, and a future in which children have the opportunity to thrive.

So bizarre though this might seem, it’s the skills I have learned over the last 30 years in navigating separations which have led me to train as a celebrant.   There is nothing more precious in life than our close family relationships, with our partners or spouses, with our children, and for many, with parents, siblings and wider family too.   The quality of those relationships will enrich our lives at every level.

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