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John-Coates family wedding funeral celebrant profile


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Wedding and Funeral Celebrant in the North West

Hello, my name is John, I am your wedding and funeral celebrant in the North West,  from Southport to be precise, where I studied in performing arts. I did my drama training at Guildford School of Acting. I have spent the last 25 years working in musical theatre on UK national tours and in the heart of the West End in London. I have many wonderful memories.

However, 7 years ago I became a dad - my life changed (for the better.)

I moved back to my hometown where I began singing at weddings & funeral events. I was quite taken back to how it made me feel, being part of a very special moment in a family’s life. It got me thinking, is there more I can do?

I began helping people with wedding speeches and building their confidence, it was great to see their results and stories. Then I was asked by a friend of mine to write a eulogy for their relative. I sat down with the family, and they shared with me all the wonderful moments they held onto. I was then asked if I would read the eulogy on the day, a huge honour. What I found was how much what I said helped the family with their loss. It felt truly rewarding to have been able to share in their day.

Not so long after that I was asked to conduct a wedding ceremony for a journalist friend of mine who had been married in NYC. They wished to relive and celebrate with friends and family in Liverpool on a rooftop garden next to the Liver Birds - (such a stunning setting.) I enjoyed not just the occasion, but the fact that my words were making a difference to their special day.

Being a celebrant is not just a profession for me; it's a calling that allows me to be a storyteller, a guide, and a source of comfort during pivotal moments in people's lives. In the realm of weddings, I find immense joy in helping couples weave their unique love story into the fabric of their ceremony. My role extends beyond officiating; I become a curator of their journey, translating their shared moments and promises into a personalised tapestry of commitment.

What defines my approach is a deep commitment to personalisation. I invest time in understanding my clients, their stories, and their unique qualities. Every ceremony is treated as a canvas waiting to be painted with the colours of individuality. Whether it's incorporating cultural traditions, personal anecdotes, or specific rituals, I aim to make each ceremony distinctly memorable.

It's about creating an atmosphere where emotions are embraced, acknowledged, and transformed. I offer a service that goes beyond the script, by infusing a personal touch into every ceremony, I provide my clients with an experience that is as unique as they are, leaving them with cherished memories that endure long after the event has concluded.

Being a celebrant is more than a job; it's a privilege to be entrusted with the responsibility of shaping and commemorating the most significant moments in people's lives. I am dedicated to ensuring that each ceremony I lead is a reflection of the individuals involved, a testament to their love or a tribute to a life well-lived.

It is my belief that I want to make sure whatever the occasion, that dignity, diligence, and dedication be paramount in my ceremonies.

I look forward to meeting with you.




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john coates wedding celebrant

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