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Hello, I’m Jane; I live in Salisbury, where my home is filled with family, friends, animals and far too many books. I’m in my 50’s and have spent much of my life working within the Antiquarian Book trade. I have a B.A. hons degree in English from Westfield College, University of London and I know how powerful words can be, so it gives me deep satisfaction when I manage to write a memorable line, or find the perfect quotation that speaks to us when our own words are hard to find.
I have always believed in celebrating the important stages of our lives. From our births through to our deaths, there are so many occasions when people feel the need to gather together and mark a special moment.

In the past, many people were church goers and the rhythms and ceremonies of their religious group formed the back-bone of their lives. Nowadays, many people have moved away from traditional beliefs and feel the need to create more personal ceremonies.

I understand how vital this is. It is so important to create lasting memories, whether it is a joyful event such as a birth, a betrothal or a wedding, or the loss and pain of a funeral. I enjoy connecting with people and will spend all the time needed to learn about people’s lives and their individual preferences. When planning a ceremony, it is their needs and wishes that are the driving force. I use all my skills and experience to channel these, so together we create a memorable and unique event perfectly suited to that particular moment in their lives.

The ceremony is at the heart of the celebration- weddings and funerals. With a Celebrant, you don’t have to make do with a ’ready written’ piece, where only the names are changed- all my ceremonies are created especially for the family concerned.

You have the right to say “this is how I would like it to be” - I will do my very best to make sure it happens.


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