Sue Edwards | Family & Funeral Celebrant

Thank you so much for taking the time to research & find me. We have obviously been led to find each other & I’m hoping that this will be the start of an inspiring journey for us both.

Become a Civil Celebrant | Have you got what it takes?

Thought of becoming a Civil Celebrant? Becoming a Civil Celebrant is not a career choice for everyone. If you have had experience speaking in public or at least have no reservations with the prospect of speaking in public, this could be a career option for you. If you have access to and you are confident using READ MORE

Paul Simpson | Family & Funeral Celebrant

As your funeral celebrant, I promise to serve you with sensitivity and professionalism; and respect your unique beliefs, values, and cultural background; to provide you with a personalised ceremony over which you have complete control and final approval. Together, we will create a ceremony that celebrates your loved one’s life.

Robert Hardy | Family & Funeral Celebrant

Celebrant Services Offered Ceremony Script Writing Naming Ceremonies Wedding Ceremonies Civil Partnership Ceremonies Renewal of Vows Ceremonies Funeral Ceremonies Memorials   Contact information 01270 898140   I am an independent celebrant living in Nantwich in Cheshire (though Scottish-born) and it would be my privilege to work with you to create a bespoke ceremony which exceeds READ MORE

Wedding Ceremony Elements | The Ring Couriers

Civil Wedding Celebrants are gaining somewhat of a reputation for introducing “special elements” to their clients wedding ceremonies. One such element, gaining in popularity, is using “birds of prey” to be the ring bearers. Sounds fantastic, does it not? Maybe – but beware – you must choose your falconers / handlers / service providers with READ MORE

Weddings : Perfect Celebrant Partners

Do you take us, to be your perfect wedding partner? We’re delighted to let you into the secrets of how to avoid the pitfalls of cookie cutter ceremonies and truly express your own personal values on your wedding day. When you imagine your perfect wedding day, like any other couple, you want it to bespecial. READ MORE

Wedding Celebrants | How to Choose the Right One!

Many couples today want to celebrate their wedding in an outdoor setting. Be it on the beach, in a beautiful garden, or in a castle, a wedding celebrant can help make your wedding day truly special. A wedding celebrant can make or break the tone of your wedding, so it‚’s important to pick the best READ MORE

Wedding Ceremony Elements | 13 Unity Wine Ceremony Options

The Unity Wine Ceremony is experiencing somewhat of arenaissancehere in the UK. The use of this ceremony element, particularly at wedding ceremonies and vow renewals is simple and full of symbolism / ritual and understood by all. Below are 13 samples of how the Unity Wine Ceremony can be weaved into a ceremony by a READ MORE

Wedding Ceremony Elements | Jumping the Broom Ceremony

Jumping the broom is a time-honoured wedding tradition in which the bride and groom jump over a broom during the ceremony. The act symbolises a new beginning and a sweeping away of the past, and can also signify the joining of two families or offer a respectful nod to family ancestors. For all of these READ MORE

Wedding Ceremony Elements | Step-by Step Guide | Unity Sand Ceremony

Weddings were once rather pre-prescribed affairs. In most cases that meant a bride, a groom, an officiant, some witnesses, and vows that were passed down through generations. You could, married or not, probably recite the ceremony by heart. As cultures and ethnicities have blended, though, the realm of the mainstream has expanded. Additions of “non-traditional” READ MORE