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Many of you may remember that we used to have a Training Seminar Roadshow for our Members held at locations around the UK.

Feedback received from those that attended was very positive, however, it quickly became apparent that the cost and logistical implications of providing this training was not sustainable.

We believe we have now found an effective alternative to the Roadshows.

Your Tutors / Mentors were regularly attending training sessions here in Lincoln which clearly had significant cost and time implications for all concerned.

As we conduct a majority of our Celebrant Training online we decided to introduce Group Distance Learning Seminars for Tutors / Mentors. This has been the case now for over a year and has massively reduced the costs and time lost by attending training in Lincoln.

Skype Group Call

The only cost implications are that a Skype Group Subscription (circa £6pm) is needed for each person attending. The subscription can be halted at any time and can run on a PAYG basis if required.

As with the Roadshow РTraining will be free with the exception of Emotional Intelligence Training (£20 per session).

Seminars will be held usually at weekends and occasionally during the week. Each seminar will last approximately 9 hours and consist of 4, 2 hour sessions (each session a different subject) with 20 minute breaks between each.

If you feel the above is of interest to you – can you please indicate which training sessions are of interest to you on the survey to your right, alternatively, we welcome any suggestions regarding the training you might like to have in the comments section below.

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