Civil Celebrants | Blogs & Social Media

  So you now have a website, a facebook, twitter, linkedin & instagram account – What are you doing with them?   Let’s be honest – most of you are doing little or nothing, some of you are active but not on a regular basis and a few of you are very active and reaping READ MORE

Rob Farrell | Website and Graphic Designer for UKSOCDesign

  Services Offered Website design Logo design Branding Design for print   Contact information 07590 657 418 I’m not a Celebrant, I am a website designer and graphic designer HI I’m Rob, I am not a Celebrant, I’m the guy who designs logos, adverts, brochures and creates websites for UKSoC. I help provide progressive Celebrants READ MORE

The Civil Celebrant | ‚ÄòI can‚’t get any clients‚’ and other business myths

Due to the amount of activity on your Celebrant Forum recently, our very ownLisa Johnson has written this piece which we think may interest many of your fellow members. “I can‚’t get any clients and other business myths” I‚’ve been having quite a lot of discussions with new planners and celebrants recently about the ‚Äòbusiness READ MORE

Celebrant Training | Skype Seminars

Many of you may remember that we used to have a Training Seminar Roadshow for our Members held at locations around the UK. Feedback received from those that attended was very positive, however, it quickly became apparent that the cost and logistical implications of providing this training was not sustainable. We believe we have now READ MORE