Are There Too Many Celebrants?

don't believe everything you read on the internet

Are there too many celebrants?

In recent years the number of celebrants in the UK has significantly increased. Once an unfamiliar role, many are now familiar with the job title of ‘Celebrant’ and have a slight understanding of what we do. With this increase in celebrants, are there now too many?

There are too many celebrants in the UK

Facebook has many groups for celebrants, some are open groups anybody can join, many celebrants are members of multiple groups, some are private invite only groups for training organisations members only, such as our group for members of the United Kingdom Society of Celebrants. All are a helpful resource for the celebrants within the groups, swapping ideas, seeking help and a meeting place for other celebrants. They can also be a platform for celebrants to air their views on topics and one such reoccurring topic is: ‘There are too many celebrants’. ‘Organisations should limit training’. Both of these statements are incorrect. As a celebrant training organisation and a professional body, we won’t stop training celebrants because other celebrants believe there are too many.

One size does not fit all

Clients seek out celebrants for a few reasons, one of them is the celebrant’s ability to accommodate their choices within their ceremony. Not all celebrants offer the same services as many may not be knowledgeable about certain lifestyles or ceremony requirements.

The more celebrants there are, the more choices clients have available to them.

Offering clients a choice

Walk into any town, or shopping area in the UK and you will have a choice of more than one coffee shop. From the big chains which many prefer as their customers know what to expect and usually order the same drink or food items, to the small independent offering similar but slightly different drinks and food items. Everyone is catered for.

If somebody decides to open a coffee shop, are they put off by the already established coffee shops in their area, or do they see it as an opportunity to gain custom from the other coffee businesses? It’s simply supply and demand.

Research, a key aspect for all celebrants

It is however important to do your research when deciding to become a celebrant.
Some things to consider:

• What kind of celebrant do you want to be? (Wedding, funeral or both)
• Are there many celebrants in your area?
• What kind of clients are you hoping to attract?
• Is this going to be a full time or part time role?
• Are you willing to travel further afield than your local to gain business?
• What kind of training suits your needs?
• Do you want to do a fast track course, a one-to-one online course, or a residential course?

Don’t believe everything you read or hear, find out for yourself

Established celebrants stating, there are too many celebrants may have a point if a small area is inundated with many celebrants, but this isn’t a common occurrence. It is said through concern, concern they will lose business first, with perhaps limited secondary concern for the person spending money on training, but unable to gain any celebrant business. Do your research and do not let the opinion of others put you off.