Civil Celebrant? Have you got what it takes?

Thought of becoming a Civil Celebrant?

Becoming an Civil Celebrant is not a career choice for everyone. If you have had experience speaking in public or at least have no reservations with the prospect of speaking in public, this could be a career option for you. If you have access to and you are confident using a computer, you may benefit by looking here.


There is some confusion within the celebrant industry with the terminology used when referring to celebrants. To alleviate this confusion we have simplified the terms below in order that anyone visiting this posting is clear of our interpretation.

  • A Family Celebrant is a Celebrant that can write and deliver Wedding Ceremonies / Civil Partnership Ceremonies ,Renewal of Vows Ceremonies, Naming Ceremonies or other Life Event Ceremonies that are conventionally accepted as being joyous & happy in nature. People referred to as a Wedding Celebrant or Marriage Celebrant can also be referred to as a Family Celebrant
  • A Funeral Celebrant is a Celebrant that can write and officiate over Funeral Ceremonies, Memorials, Commemorations or other Life Event Ceremonies that are conventionally accepted as dealing with a death or loss.
  • A Civil Celebrant is a celebrant who can practice as both a Family & Funeral Celebrant

All the above definitions may also be prefixed with one or more of the following as is your want: Independent, Secular, Humanist, Non-denominational, Spiritual, or Atheist to name but a few.


The United Kingdom Society of Celebrants caters predominantly for ‚”Secular Celebrants‚”, that is to say that religion is of little significance in our training and practice. That said, we have trained many celebrants who come from a wide range of faith backgrounds who have gone on to develop niches in specific ethnic / cultural groups.

Course Options

The United Kingdom Society of Celebrants have developed a series of Celebrant Training Courses for prospective and practicing Independent Celebrants. This training will equip candidates with all they need to embark on a rewarding career as an Independent Celebrant specialising in one or all of the following; Weddings Ceremonies / Civil Partnership Ceremonies ,Funeral Ceremonies, Naming Ceremonies. Our Civil Celebrant Training encompasses both our Family & Funeral Civil Celebrant Training Packages (see below).

All courses have been written by and are delivered by pr have theacticing Independent Civil Celebrants with formal teaching experience. We offer three formal courses for prospective celebrants which can be seen here.

So, if you believe you have the basic ingredients to be a celebrant, we can help you mix those ingredients to produce a professional practicing civil celebrant.

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