Civil Celebrant Training – Course Materials

This item is being posted due to a number of enquiries being received regarding what Course Materials a Trainee Celebrant will receive.

By way of illustration, we have listed the materials that are received by trainee celebrants on our Family & Funeral Celebrancy Distance Learning Diploma Course.

1. Nominated Tutor / Mentor Interview & Welcome Pack
2. Student Handbook (Contacts, T&C‚’s, Complaints & Equality)
3. Funeral Celebrancy Course Book ‚- Section 1 & 2
4. Funeral Celebrancy Course Book ‚- Sections 3 – 5
5. Funeral Celebrancy Core Text
6. Funeral Celebrancy Case Studies (x8)
7. Bereaved Interview Checklist Aide Memoir
8. Funeral Celebrancy Marketing Pack

9. Family Celebrancy Course Book ‚- Sections 1-4
10. Family Celebrancy Core text
11. Family Celebrancy Case Studies (x5)
12. Wedding/Commitment & Renewal Interview Checklist Aide Memoir
13. Naming‚’s Interview Checklist Aid Memoir
14. Family Celebrancy Marketing Pack
15. Seminar ‚- Profiles, Websites, Blogging & Social Media Integration & SEO
16. Action Plans for each Tutorial (x13)
17. Tutorial, Homework & Assessment Plans
18. On-line Student Resources (with individual access details)
19. Profile Page and Personal Email address at

Distance Learning with Live Tutorial Support
Each trainee celebrant will receive at least 1 planned Case Study every week during their distance learning course. Additional case Studies are available and are used at each Tutors discretion.

For further information on course choices and training options click here.

We hope the above helps, as, that’s what we are here to do – Help You!

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