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I am married to Richard who has survived being married to me now for 44 years. Richard is my second husband my first marriage ended in divorce, Richard is the love of my life and my staunchest supporter in whatever I chose to do. I have one daughter Lena who has gifted me four lovely grandchildren and they in turn have gifted me five great grandchildren. l remain as enthusiastic about life now as I was as a young person. l truly believe you are never to old to learn or change.

I live in the Bexley Kent which is a bit of a misnomer since Bexley Kent is in Greater London, in the London Borough of Bexley inside the M25. It's a great location in easy reach of Central London and the beautiful county of Kent, the Garden of England which the coast no more than an hour away. I am also fortunate to own a second home in Norfolk where I tried to spend as much time as possible.

I am a Solicitor and senior partner of my own practice which continues to expand. I am a practicing Christian but I know when to leave my Christianity at the front door indeed my husband is an atheist. I have always involved myself in charitable works at the moment I am the Chair of Evergreen Care Bexley, a charity which provides much needed services to the Elderley and Vulnerable of Bexley such as befriending, cleaning, gardening and many other services.

My husband and I are keen motorcyclists. We are members of a European Motor Cycling Group. We enjoy travelling throughout Europe where we meet up with friends from across Europe and indeed the world. This exposure to a variety of cultures has helped to nurture my love of the world and appreciate that each and every one of us is totally unique.

Within my Church for many years now I have been the Wedding Co-ordinator which is what has attracted me to the role of Celebrant. Having met with a huge number of couples getting married and guided them through the elements of a Church wedding I have felt that l could bring something more to the process. I have sat through so many weddings (in the choir) and have felt that despite the efforts of various Vicars to personalise them the formal church wedding is lacking that deeper personal touch. It also saddens me that the recognised established churches do not recognise and conduct same sex marriages.

Also within my Church l trained as a Pastoral Assistant. This training encompassed dealing with a wide range of family and personal issues including bereavement. I have used this training to help parishioners and church members with a wide range of problems.

Within the Diocese I was privileged until I resigned late last year to hold the role of Deputy Warden for Lay Ministry I was responsible for the wellbeing of close on 150 lay ministers and their Minister in the Archdeaconry of Bexley and Bromley.

I have in the past been privileged to be asked to create a renewal of vows ceremony for friends who had been married for 25 years and also assist in a funeral where the deceased was without faith but his daughter had faith. She wanted to conduct the funeral herself and portray her father accurately but she also wanted a religious element which would bring comfort to those with faith whilst not offending those of none.

I love reading and writing. I particularly enjoy poetry. I have written many for friends and family at difficult times. I hope to bring this skill to my role as a Celebrant.


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