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My name is Jennifer Drewett. I was born in Cardiff, raised just outside of Bristol and currently live in Reading, Berkshire. I’m a freelance writer who writes mostly about film and cosplay. I also run cosplay zones at comic cons and do some ad-hoc fundraising. Throughout my life I’ve always wanted to have some kind of occupation where I was a part of people’s most important moments in my life. Perhaps this desire was somewhat formed by always being the Minister when we did pretend weddings on the playground at primary school. I imagine it was also shaped by the way my Mother raised me to look out for others as well as myself. As I grew and became an adult I ended up encountering all sorts of people that ended up enriching the tapestry of my life and helped me realise what I wanted to do in life: become a family celebrant.

As a Family Celebrant, it’s my job to provide my services to give you a ceremony befitting your happy day. One of the biggest things for me in my work is inclusivity. I am very open to anyone who wishes to. No part of the celebrant job contains passing judgement on the lives clients lead. I specialise in cosplay ceremonies. I am very open particularly to the LGBTQ+ community, the polyamory community and anyone else who have felt like traditional means of obtaining these ceremonies are not accessible to them. The common theme in all the ceremonies a Family Celebrant performs is love and without showing love and compassion to humankind, the world cannot truly function.

Whether you want a simple naming ceremony in your home, a wedding on a boat or a commitment ceremony in the middle of nowhere – I am here to create the ceremony you desire and a day you’ll never want to forget for the rest of your life. I am very willing to travel and do whatever I can to utilise your chosen milestone. I will treat any request with the utmost professionalism and respect.

Professional Training
I’ve been trained by the UK Society of Celebrants, the second largest provider of such training. I am able to conduct weddings, renewal of vows, naming ceremonies, commitment ceremonies and other ceremonies associated with happy occasions.

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