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I read somewhere that ‘Life is a routine thing peppered with the highest of highs and the lowest of lows.  Endure the lows as best you can and celebrate the highs with all your being’.

Whilst we all hope for more ‘highs’ than ‘lows’, we are sure to have a measure of both in our lives.  As a Family Celebrant I hope to part of yours, ensuring all events in your life are lived as you wish them to be.  

Funerals… are obviously a sad time when we must say goodbye to our loved ones however we can also celebrate the lives they lived and be thankful for the way they touched ours.  Unlike the ‘standard’ or more ‘traditional’ funerals, I will tailor your service to the departed and those loved ones they leave behind.  You are free to choose poems, songs and non religious readings or hymns, prayers and readings of a religious nature.  Or a mixture of the two!  The choice is totally yours and I will help you ensure you get to say goodbye as you and your family desire.

Weddings, Civil Ceremonies, Commitment Ceremonies, Renewal of vows… are all times of immense joy!  Unlike services restrained by religious or legal bindings, why not have a service which is designed around YOU and YOUR wishes?!  I can help you arrange (just about!) anything which will make you celebration unique to you and ensure you have the absolute best time possible!  Why not try something different like Jumping The Broom, Hand Fasting, Unity Sand Ceremony, Wine Box, First Kiss/Last Kiss, Unity Candle… There are truly lots of traditional and modern ceremonies that will add a touch of uniqueness to your day.  Ask for further details.     

Naming Ceremonies… are a lovely way to introduce new member to your family.  These may be for a newly born baby or an older child born to the family, or a wonderful way to welcome adopted children into your fold.  All ceremonies are tailored to suit you and your family’s need and wishes.  The Unity Candle, Wine Box and Rose Ceremony are all beautiful additions to make your celebration extra special.  

About Me…

Born and raised in Scotland also and South Wales.  I studied accountancy at university before moving to England in 1988.  I have spent most of my working life in marketing, recruitment and interior design.  I live in Ascot with my two children, dog and two cats.

I lost my Mum at the age of 14 and hers was the first funeral I attended.  Following that I went on to lose friends, other family members and was widowed in 2008.  As no stranger to grief, I believe that being a Funeral Celebrant enables me to help those bereaved sensitively whilst also being able to help them get to say ‘goodbye’ in the way they and those they have lost would most wish.

As I am friendly and outgoing with a great sense of fun and adventure, I really enjoy assisting with the ‘highs’ of life too.  It is wonderful to be part of a family’s celebration and ensuring I provide them with the best day possible!

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