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fiona o'donnell wedding celebrant profile


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Wedding Celebrant in Dubai

Hello, - I'm Fiona and I am your Family and Wedding Celebrant in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Having experienced the enchantment of our own wedding in Dubai, I discovered a profound passion for the intricate planning and celebration of love. This ignited my journey to become a celebrant. Weddings are such joyous experiences and I absolutely love being a part of them.

I proudly wear the titles of wife, mum, and midwife. My experience in midwifery has provided me with the ability to establish swift connections with couples, effortlessly earning trust. In this role I bring a blend of calmness, approachability, and adaptability - essential qualities for creating moments that resonate for a lifetime and delivering a beautiful ceremony.

When I'm not in the hospital or at a ceremony, I am usually found chasing around the characters in Warner Brothers World or at the Waterpark with my boys! We absolutely love living in Abu Dhabi and feel so lucky for the life we have here.

Originating from the North East of England I'm a very chatty, outgoing and sociable person, I also have an interest for a little bit of DIY which surprises some people. I thoroughly enjoy finding furniture on FB Marketplace and doing upcycle projects in the minimal spare time I get - although I do admit I'm not very good at it and its an ongoing learning experience. The phrase 'All the gear and no idea' is probably a good way to describe this!

Prior to having a small family, my husband and I were avid travellers. Asia being our favourite continent and the Philippines probably my favourite country to visit. The people, food, culture and beauty of it all is indescribable.


Welcome to all the excited couples planning their wedding. At the heart of my practice is the commitment to craft unique, meaningful and unforgettable ceremonies tailored exclusively for each couple.

I became a celebrant after having my own wedding in Dubai and then being asked by a close friend if I would be their celebrant - I jumped at the opportunity and absolutely loved it therefore undertook the professional training and not looked back.

Recognised for my friendly, approachable nature and boundless enthusiasm, I am passionate about creating unforgettable moments. Having immersed myself in the UAEs diverse culture, I've developed a profound appreciation for its spectacular wedding venues. My commitment is to infuse your special day with the same awe and admiration I hold for the amazing settings that make celebrations in the UAE truly magical.

As a wedding celebrant, I embody the perfect blend of charisma and warmth, creating an unforgettable atmosphere for couples on their special day, I am confident at connecting with people on a personal level, making every ceremony a unique and cherished experience. My confidence and approachability ensure that I not only deliver the ceremony with grace and poise but also engage with the couple and their guests in a way that leaves lasting memories.

Whether it's crafting a heartfelt ceremony script or navigating unexpected moments with ease, I take pride in being a celebrant who not only celebrates love but also contributes to the joyous energy that fills the air on such a significant occasion.

A wedding ceremony can take place at anytime and anywhere, incorporating special elements and readings of your choice. The options vary greatly and this adds to the excitement of building and creating your ceremony together. We can make it as traditional or as modern as you wish.

Its honestly such a privilege and honour to be apart of any couples special day and I am so lucky.



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