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Welcome to my page. I hope you find all the information you will need to help you decide whether I am the celebrant for you.
I currently live in a village just outside of Lincoln with my husband and two dogs. We have two daughters who have grown and flown as it were and are in happy and healthy relationships living their own lives.

My background is in Education and Learning having been a teacher across all age ranges for over thirty years. I am also a Life Skills Trainer with experience working with vulnerable young people, adults and families mostly within the judicial system.

As is the joys of a busy life I have many roles: as a wife, mother, daughter, Aunty, friend and colleague. Finding time just to be yourself is difficult but when I do manage it I like to read, walk the dogs and go to a local art group where I happily bash a few plates up and reassemble them in the name of mosaics!

2015 was a pivotal year for us as a family. We had attended three funerals of friends very dear to us and it was the year our older daughter got married.
The funerals were celebrant led and our daughter chose a celebrant for their wedding ceremony. In all honesty up to that point in time I had only known secular and traditional led services.

Our daughter’s wedding was the most personal, joyous and inspiring ceremony that I had ever been part of.
The funerals were a complete and unique reflection and celebration of lives well lived. The seed to become a Celebrant was sown. Taking these pivotal experiences as my inspiration, I trained as a Celebrant with UKSOC.

Life has a way of unfolding its rich tapestry and we mark our milestones with ceremony and ritual.
A celebrant has the privilege of working with individuals and families, building trust, listening and planning a truly unique, bespoke ceremony to reflect the occasions or milestones on your journey through life- a journey to reflect new beginnings, to endings and all occasions in between.

We all have our life story and I enjoy being with people and hearing those stories.
Whatever kind of ceremony you are wanting to plan it should fit in with your interests and beliefs, it should be carried out the way you want it to be in true collaboration with friends, family and loved ones and reflect your thoughts and wishes. It is my honour and privilege as a Celebrant to be able to provide you and your family and loved ones with such a personal and bespoke service.

I know I work hard at everything I do and am committed to the job in hand. I think they are good basic skills to have.I’ve been told I’m a “people person” willing to help and support with enthusiasm and a smile.

I have a breadth of life experiences and a certain wisdom that comes with maturity.
My work background has given me to opportunity to develop good listening skills, an empathic approach, and the ability to plan, communicate and work alongside others.

It would be an honour to support and guide you through your ceremony as you wished it to be marked and celebrated. I can help you create the perfect ceremony for you or your loved ones.

If you think I might be the celebrant for you then please make contact. I’d be more than happy to answer any questions or queries you may have.
I look forward to working with you in the future.
Take care.


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