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Wedding and Funeral Celebrant in Exeter

Hi I’m Karen Delmege  your Family, Wedding and Funeral Celebrant in Exeter. I will put you and your family’s wishes at the heart of your special day.

I enjoy my life in Exeter surrounded by the glorious coastline and beautiful countryside of Devon. I have two wonderful sons, who I have a lot of fun, with and my small family is important to me. I am an active person and I love swimming in the sea all year round and enjoying the outdoors - no matter what the weather! Being by the sea is a huge personal reason why I relocated from city life to Devon. It is absolutely brilliant!

I have a rich and varied work experience ranging from teaching to being an event organiser to working with people who need some extra support to navigate life. The combination of these different job roles and the skills that they involve has helped me develop a compassionate outlook on life and to understand that all of our journeys are unique to us. These are the skills and experience I am confident will be of real benefit to you when you work with me to plan your significant ceremony.

I have a degree in English Literature and have taught English to teenagers and adults. Both age groups needed support to build up their confidence and I enjoyed creating a supportive environment for that to happen. Putting words together to create, emotions, images and thoughts together is a joy to me and I would love to use that skill to hep your day be significant to you.

My friends would describe me as generous, warm and open minded. These are attributes that I use to ensure that you feel comfortable to express your needs for your unique ceremony.

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I am a civil celebrant who can help you design the following ceremonies to make your ceremony memorable. I can work with you to design weddings, funerals, naming ceremonies and personalised ceremonies. Although I am based in Devon, I am happy to travel to neighbouring counties.

It would be my pleasure to work alongside you to design a service that meets your unique requirements for the day with personalised touches and meaningful memories. I understand that as a client you will want to capture different feelings for your ceremony and those feelings are specific to you.

I am a good listener and I want to hear exactly what you want from your big day. That could be remembering someone with exactly the right stories at a funeral or capturing your enduring love with the right words at your wedding or showing your excitement about naming your new little person and welcoming them into the world.

There will be time for us to meet and explore this before the day so that you can be assured that your needs are at the centre of the ceremony. It is important for me to build a rapport with you so that you feel comfortable to discuss your requirements freely. I am of course happy to help you with suggestions about the day, if you need me to, but your wishes will always come first.

I am open to everything whether that be a ceremony on a beach; in a hotel; your garden. or in a castle. I am happy to include spiritual, religious, conventional or unconventional elements to your day. I would be delighted to work with you to create a heartfelt and meaningful ceremony.

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