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sarah waring wedding and funeral celebrant profile 2


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Wedding and Funeral Celebrant in the North West

Hello, my name is Sarah, and I am a family wedding and celebrant in Lancashire and Greater Manchester.

I am originally from North Yorkshire, but due to family and work circumstances, I now find myself on the other side of The Pennines, the rainy side!

I live in Bolton with my husband who is also a Celebrant, and my two daughters. I enjoy many craft activities, I am an avid reader and enjoy the outdoors, when it isn’t raining here! I have also volunteered for several years for Girl Guiding as a Brownie leader.

I have over 20 years’ experience as a Specialist Palliative Care Nurse and when considering my future, becoming a Celebrant seemed like a natural progression for me. I have supported many families at some of the most difficult times of their life and I am grateful that I can now offer care to the time after death.

Over the years I have developed excellent communication skills, demonstrating sensitivity and compassion. As a nurse, accurate record keeping is vital and I show strong attention to detail. After all it is the details of someone’s life that really matter.

People often think that working in Palliative Care must be all doom and gloom and whilst it can be sad, anyone who has had experience in this area, will tell you that there is also lots of joy and laughter. It is often the joyful moments that are remembered and give us comfort in our grief.

What can I offer you?

My services extend beyond Funerals, and I offer celebrant services for Weddings, Naming ceremonies and other life events.

Seeing the sadness also makes me appreciate the joy in life and that it why I also enjoy creating and delivering ceremonies for happy events. There are key moments in life that we want to remember and cherish, I will ensure your celebration is as individual as you are.

Funerals – whether you want a serious dignified service or an uplifting celebration of life, I will endeavour to create a bespoke ceremony which truly reflects the individual.

Memorials – A thoughtful and carefully written ceremony to bring comfort.

Interments – A meaningful ceremony tailored to your requirements.

Life events – Be it an anniversary or even a divorce celebration, I will create a service that reflects your unique situation.

Weddings – A wedding as personalised as the couple it represents, whether you want traditional or something completely out of the norm, I am happy to support your dreams to come true.

Naming's – The naming of a child is a huge responsibility and will help to shape the child, so why not celebrate this momentous occasion and formally introduce them into the family.

Vow renewals – Sometimes in life we want to celebrate our commitment or the fact that we have overcome many obstacles. A Vow renewal is the perfect occasion for this.

I enjoy meeting people and I have a natural curiosity about what makes them tick. I will use these details to ensure your special event is as individual as you are. Whatever the event, it is your day and whatever your ideas, hopes or dreams, we will work together to find the perfect fit for you.

Please contact me without obligation to discuss your bespoke requirements.

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Ceremonies by Sarah & Stuart

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Ceremonies by Sarah & Stuart

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