How can I become a wedding celebrant?


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How can I become a wedding celebrant?

If you’re thinking about a career as a wedding celebrant, it’s likely that you’ve already attended a celebrant led ceremony and been struck by the moving nature of such an event. Or perhaps friends and family keep telling you what a wonderful celebrant you would be.

It’s undeniable that being a wedding celebrant is an incredibly fulfilling and rewarding career. You get to experience the privilege of creating the perfect wedding day for all kinds of different couples and help to create memories that they – and you – will treasure for a lifetime.

Whilst having formal qualifications isn’t essential in order to become a celebrant, comprehensive training from a professional organisation can certainly help establish you in the field and further your career prospects. Get in touch with us for further details

What makes a good wedding celebrant?

Of course, not everyone is suited to a career as a wedding celebrant. Having a few vital skills will ensure that you become successful and reputable in the field:

  • Strong communication skills are key.
  • You need to be comfortable and confident in front of a crowd.
  • Are you a good listener? Remember that this is about your clients, not you.
  • You should be an able writer, with the ability to craft a beautiful, meaningful ceremony.

Questions to ask yourself before you become a wedding celebrant.

So you’ve got the passion to want to be a wedding celebrant, and you’ve got the skills to do it well. But there are still a few other things you need to consider before making the jump:

  • What’s your availability like? Remember, most weddings happen at weekends. This is not a 9-5 job, and so you need to be prepared for that.
  • Do you have the financial stability to support yourself while you build your business? While you can earn a good amount of money as a celebrant, it won’t happen overnight. Go through your finances and check you can make things work while you develop your business.
  • Make sure you have the resources to market your business. If you want to turn this into a full-time living, then you need the tools or capabilities to turn it from a side hustle into a viable business. There are many training programmes on the market that can support you with this step.

Still keen? Great. You won’t regret it.

Which celebrant training provider should I choose?

There are a number of celebrant training providers worldwide, each with their own benefits and specialities.

As well as budget, consider your preferred learning style when choosing a training provider. For example, do you enjoy the support given in tailored 1-2-1 guidance, or would you feel more comfortable in a group setting? Are you looking for face-to-face providers or are you happy to learn remotely?

As well as learning to be a celebrant, look to see what else the course includes. As a minimum, you will want to learn how to lead the most memorable weddings; if you want to also build a career out of your qualification, you cannot forget the importance of marketing skills and being taught how to run a successful business.

Why train with The UK Society of Celebrants?

And that brings us to why The United Kingdom Society of Celebrants is a brilliant choice. The leading celebrant training provider, UKSOC teaches you not only how to become a modern celebrant, but also how to run a successful business at the same time.

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Our trainers are all qualified teachers and experienced wedding celebrants, so you are in safe hands. Our training programme offers complete flexibility to fit alongside your existing commitments. Taught online, with 1-2-1 training, you will experience 24/7 support and tailored mentoring, as well as gaining access to a suite of valuable content and information. Furthermore, when qualified we provide CPD and have an excellent private peer support group with 100’s of thousands of ceremonies experience to learn from.

UKSOC’s training programmes are for today’s modern celebrant.

To find out more about how to enrol click here.