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Wedding and Funeral Celebrant in Lincolnshire

Hello, my name is Katy and I am a Family, Wedding and Funeral Celebrant in Lincolnshire. Based in the historic and picturesque village of Scampton, Lincolnshire.

My approach to all my work has its roots in a deeply creative grounding through both art college and studying design and photography in university, I developed my love of working with people through many years in customer-facing roles, as well as holding senior account management positions in sales and customer marketing for global brands including Coca-Cola, Kodak, Mars and Britvic.

I am an intersectional feminist. I can be a bit loud. I’m sometimes a bit sweary. I am a hopeless optimist and I love watching others succeed. I prefer tea over coffee, I mostly think in song lyrics and I’m an early bird rather than a night owl.

Now trained and qualified as a ‘wedding and funeral celebrant’ with the UK Society of Celebrants and proud to call myself a celebrant who does not exclude; I want everyone I work for and with to know that they are deeply respected and appreciated, offering a radical love that unconditionally cherishes people for exactly who they are.

I always seek to be inclusive and welcoming, sensitive to people’s needs and experiences based on age, race, ethnicity, ability, religious or spiritual beliefs, sexuality, gender identity/expression, socio-economic status or political beliefs. Part of the queer community, I’m an active ally to those who identify as queer, gay, lesbian, trans, gender non-conforming, two-spirit, kinky, and polyamorous. Who you are is honoured here.

As an independent Lincolnshire wedding celebrant, I am not affiliated with any organisation requiring certain beliefs or non-beliefs. It is your ceremony; about you. Each relationship is unique therefore each ceremony I create is original and individual; centred around the requirements of those the ceremony is for.

I was initially motivated to qualify as a wedding, funeral, and life events celebrant after a lifetime of attending and being a part of weddings, funerals, and naming ceremonies which, without exception, left me in some way feeling ‘othered’, ‘weird’ or simply not included or considered as an individual.

I like to make every effort to use inclusive language, using – and crucially REMEMBERING – the correct pronouns consistently, being respectful and always encouraging those I meet to share their knowledge and experiences with me too.

As a truly ‘inclusive celebrant’, my objective is to shine the spotlight on that occasion for whomever I may be speaking to and for, approaching each ceremony in a truly non-judgemental manner, with empathy and understanding. Being inclusive is ensuring that the dignity of every individual is respected, and they are all are made to feel welcome and included.

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