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Kerry heathcote Wedding and Funeral celebrant Profile Pic
Kerry heathcote Wedding and Funeral celebrant Profile Pic


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Wedding and Funeral Celebrant in Norfolk

My name is Kerry Heathcote and I am your Family, wedding and funeral celebrant in Norfolk.

Having relocated from Edinburgh in 2022, this is my final destination. I am very happy to provide celebrant services across the UK, having lived in seven different regions during the course of my working life:

In summary, my career spans well over three decades in educational, custodial, and community settings. I am a passionate advocate of lifelong learning and thoroughly enjoy hearing about, and witnessing, the development of others; celebrating success and seeing individual aspirational goals achieved, is one of my key motivations for working with, and among, people from all walks of life and at different stages of their developmental journeys.

As a chartered psychologist by trade, I was drawn to providing living funeral ceremonies in the first instance, as a result of several 'life cafe' conversations with my participants. With the bespoke UKSOC training complete, I am delighted to be able to offer a full range of family and funeral celebrant services and look forward to working with others in the role of celebrant.

The Purple K Partnership offers a full range of bespoke and inclusive family and funeral ceremonies. This includes life event celebrations, living funerals and life cafes (starting conversations in a very positive way, around life, death, dying, and planning ahead), in addition to memorial ceremonies, funerals, naming ceremonies, weddings, birthdays, and vow renewals.

There is a free, optional thirty-minute consultation available via the website, for potential clients to scope out ideas about how celebrant services can support, celebrate, and commemorate the lives of those involved in the event they wish to plan. If they are unsure precisely what can be offered by a celebrant, it is hoped this opportunity will alleviate any concerns and answer any questions or queries they might have.

The overarching answer of course, is that we are able to accommodate the vast majority of requests we receive, in the context of carefully considered planning and highly professional delivery of our ceremonies. Clients benefit from exemplary attention to detail, high quality writing, empathetic interactions with their celebrant, responsiveness to unforeseen last-minute changes, collaboration with their chosen venue team, and assurance that on the day of their event, it will be facilitated by a high calibre, professionally courteous, focused celebrant. Given the incredibly personal nature of the events, along with the huge scope and endless range of possibilities available to individualise the ceremonies of our clients, the role celebrant is one that I feel honoured and privileged to be able to offer. I look forward to working with you.

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