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Wedding and Funeral Celebrant on the Shropshire / Wales Border

My name is Gaye and I'm a Wedding and Funeral Celebrant on the Shropshire / Wales border. My USP is care, collaboration and creativity.

My husband and I recently moved to our rural retreat, (family grown). My plan is to escape from the house renovations, to write my novels, spend too much at garden centres, eat too many scones, swim 'wildly' and also to maintain contact with humanity by conducting important ceremonies, as a celebrant.

I began my working life as a general and psychiatric nurse, and during this nursing era, I sat at many people’s bedside, as a Marie Curie nurse. This privileged time of being alongside a patient and their family, as another precious life came to an end, spurned an interest in all life’s major events.

In my late twenties I retrained as an actor and performed as actors do, ‘on and off’, for thirty years. For the last ten years I have also been a playwright and co-founded a company (Human Story Theatre) which uses theatre to explore health and social care issues.

Gradually this combination of researching real lives and their subsequent portrayal made sense of my life at last! And now in my own third act as a celebrant (i.e. I am a 'childish' mid 60’s), I can utilise these former experiences. Namely: my curiosity and compassion for people at all stages of life, my talent as a writer to capture the uniqueness of each life and my acting skills to deliver these very special human stories.

I am described as: genuine, humble, warm, positive, kind, calm, poetic, imaginative, professional, the possessor of an infectious laugh and (!) as I am honest:

Also, described at times as: gullible, without common sense or sense of direction, (roads not life!), impractical, emotional, boring about diets, a dreadful cook and intolerant of lateness.

But hopefully you have someone else lined up to cater, I'll bring the words and warm support.

As both a Wedding and Funeral Celebrant I am particularly interested in the non-traditional ceremonies and environments where my client/s and I have the freedom to create a ceremony that is truly unique to their characters and wishes.

I hope to deliver services that are as accurate a reflection of the deceased, or a married couple’s love, as if I knew them familiarly. I will deliver them just as I genuinely wish: that I also knew these loved individuals too. I have a particular interest in grief and end of life. Therefore, I find preparing funeral ceremonies particularly rewarding; when the essence of a life and personality is truly captured. Thus, the words can touch hearts, as well as create knowing smiles and sometimes laughter.

As a writer I will find the most suitable phrases that people can hold onto, in both the passage of love, and grief. These words will be printed as keepsakes, so clients can refer to them when needed.

I am available to ensure that those who entrust me with their own human stories, will experience that the particular life (either beginning, united or ended) will be truthfully and respectfully represented in a ceremony memorable for the extremely positive experience.

I am very happy to travel in and around the North Shropshire and North/Mid Wales regions. Maybe I’ll meet you anon…


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