Amanda McCabe | Funeral Celebrant

Hello everyone, I am Amanda, a retired teacher. I live in a small town on the southern outskirts of Leicester, with my family.  The youngest of four children, I grew up in Peterborough surrounded by a close-knit community of extended family and friends which resulted in many opportunities to gather and celebrate all those significant[…]

Dyane Fisher | Family & Funeral Celebrant

Hello, my name is Dyane; I am Sheffield born and bred and really can‚’t imagine living anywhere else. I began my working life as a hairdresser, this is when I first realised I love engaging with people; friends tell me I talk a lot, I guess that‚’s where I learnt my first and probably most[…]

Russ Kennedy | Family & Funeral Celebrant

Hello, my name is Russ Kennedy. I’m originally from East London. In 2009 I moved to Glossop following the death of my mother. My parents weren’t regular church goers and so I was neither encouraged nor discouraged from attending. As executor, it was down to me to arrange my mothers’ funeral and I complied with[…]