Alison Neate | Family & Funeral Celebrant

I was born in the West Country and grew up in Sussex. I was an unremarkable student except for my ability to write creatively and to speak in public, a talent that my parents encouraged by entering me into poetry reading competitions. I have spent most of my working life working in different companies and[…]

James Petherick | Family & Funeral Celebrant

Hello and welcome to my profile! My name is James and I’m a fully trained and qualified secular Civil Celebrant for both family occasions and funerals.  I became a celebrant really by chance I suppose. I’ve lost both my parents in the past four years and neither of them were religious.  My Dad was a[…]

Peter Joyce | Funeral Celebrant

Peter has spent his whole life and previous working career dedicated to the provision of local services for the public. Peter pursued his career to become a chief officer in local government providing parks and countryside services for outdoor recreation. Pursuing his passion for caring for the environment, Peter then became a management consultant, and[…]

Andrew Lovell | Family & Funeral Celebrant

Hello, my name is Andrew Lovell. I have recently moved back to London –early 2016- after living full time in Ibiza since July 2010 Ibiza is where my celebrant work first began In 2012 I was asked to create and give a service for a couples wedding I agreed, and found I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience. […]

Lois Mason | Family & Funeral Celebrant

For most of us, most of the time life hurries along. If not a huge rush then just living and surviving each week takes so much time and attention, until something BIG happens. Something momentous; an event that takes you out of your routine, significant, special, meaningful. These momentous events can be planned or expected,[…]

Michael Gordon | Family Celebrant

Having trained as both wedding and funeral celebrant, I began work in early 2013, since when I have performed numerous ceremonies of all kinds. I love the variety – and challenges: meeting my clients, finding out what they are really looking for, offering ideas and guidance; putting together bespoke services and ceremonies for them; and[…]