Sue Edwards | Family & Funeral Celebrant

Thank you so much for taking the time to research & find me. We have obviously been led to find each other & I’m hoping that this will be the start of an inspiring journey for us both.

Robert Hardy | Family & Funeral Celebrant

Celebrant Services Offered Ceremony Script Writing Naming Ceremonies Wedding Ceremonies Civil Partnership Ceremonies Renewal of Vows Ceremonies Funeral Ceremonies Memorials   Contact information 01270 898140   I am an independent celebrant living in Nantwich in Cheshire (though Scottish-born) and it would be my privilege to work with you to create a bespoke ceremony which exceeds READ MORE

Train to be a Civil Celebrant | Fees

So, if you are thinking of training to become a civil celebrant, NOW could well be the right time. Whether you are looking to commence training now or before 31 March 2015 you will make considerable savings by booking and paying for your course with the UK Society of Celebrants before 31 December 2015. Why? READ MORE

Naming Ceremony Elements | The Naming Ribbon

Unlike those of a theistic nature, Civil Celebrants whilst officiating Naming Ceremonies prefer not to perform “water boarding” or “simulated drowning” rituals on their clients charges. Naming Celebrants have found various methods to endow “names” without the need to resort tothe abhorrent rituals above. One such method goes something like this (pictures to follow) The READ MORE

Naming Ceremony Traditions from Around the World

Australian Aborigine The Wikmungkan tribe in north-eastern Australia carries out the naming ritual during the actual birth of the baby. The midwife calls out the names of all the child‚’s living relatives one by one. The name chosen is the one being called at the moment of the final stages of the birthing process when READ MORE

Wedding Ceremony Elements | 13 Unity Wine Ceremony Options

The Unity Wine Ceremony is experiencing somewhat of arenaissancehere in the UK. The use of this ceremony element, particularly at wedding ceremonies and vow renewals is simple and full of symbolism / ritual and understood by all. Below are 13 samples of how the Unity Wine Ceremony can be weaved into a ceremony by a READ MORE

Wedding Ceremony Elements | Top 3 Unity Candle Ceremonies

Unity Candle Ceremonies can be conducted in many, many ways, limited only by the imagination. One thing, however, that they all have in common is that they are symbolic of a union / unity for wedding, commitment, vow renewal, naming, reunion and even funeral ceremonies. Below are three samples of the most frequently used ceremonies. READ MORE

Family Celebrants | 7 Strategies for Child-Friendly Ceremonies

My son and the many children I have spent time with over the years have all taught me a lot about celebrating. From them, I have learned that children love to be in community. They love to wear special clothes and have special jobs and be a part of something important and meaningful. But they READ MORE